Is the UFO Collective something new? YES it is, at the same time it's NOT ! It's an evolution of some sorts. UFO short for Unlisted Fanatic OuterSpace Collective is the realm where Belgian's finest dub producer incorporates a distinct influence from afrobeat, ethio, jazz … Naturally with the help of Moonshine Horns, MariJah and guest musicians. Collectively we explore the borders of the genre and go beyond. Very much dub but also a bit more. The universe is ever expanding and meant to be explored.  

Bye Bye to the soundsystem? Definately NOT ! We don't leave our roots behind and keep doing what we are doing but there is room to dwell in outer space and visit other galaxies. Some UFO Collective tracks will fit the soundsystem easily. Other tracks are fit for a stage show performance. The UFO Collective aims to reach new frontiers. We are confident in our abilty to adapt to the stage and read the crowd on the occasion ! That the UFO Collective influence works was proven last summer by Ubuntu Time, another of Unlisted Fanatic's afro dub experiment, scored massive through worldwide play by the big man Iration Steppas. Reaching the pinnacle at Rototom's Dub Academy when he dropped it at the beach session. Ubuntu Time is also named as one of the tunes of Dub Camp Festival when dropped by Lion's Den Soundsystem.  I'll post links below. Dub-Up Records took the occasion to released a limited edition 12" vinyl which sold out in 15 minutes. 

So what's the plan? Unlisted Fanatic will continue down the road he's been travelling. Some nice international gigs are already confirmed for 2023. A couple new dub tracks will surface and an album for the UFO Collective is in the making. Free Your Mind is the first step in the campaign to pave the way for the album. For all the punters out there: "YES, Ubuntu Time will feature on the album". Enjoy the music.